So often rain gutters are given little thought until a torrential rain storm or avalanche of melting snow catches the homeowner’s attention. However, it is important to realize that damage can occur over time to a drainage system, creating costly repairs when left untreated. Understanding the damage done to gutters is the first step in protecting your home, but it also lets you know when it is time for a new gutter installation project.  


Although gutters have been designed to last between 30-40 years, there are things that can damage the system and weaken its effectiveness. Checking your system during a rainstorm may give you the first sign that further inspection is needed. If water is flowing, but seeping and leaking as it heads toward the downspout,  there may be leaks, deformities or cracks in the pipes. With gutters being made of different materials such as PVC or plastic, the ability to effectively repair creases or leaks is limited.


If you do not see any leaks during the flow, but can visibly see structural damage to the system, it’s another good indicator a new gutter installation is needed. Although it may not be diverting water through holes and cracks, the integrity of the system is compromised and continual wear and tear may become problematic if not resolved. Improper flow can quickly develop the leaks and cracks which spew water in all the wrong places.


Unfortunately, replacing gutters is not a simple DIY project. In fact, many homeowners are not equipped with the tools and time needed to perform a quality installation. For these reasons, and the long-term protection of your home and property, it is advised to seek professional help for your gutter installation.


The team at A&S Gutter have a tremendous amount of experience with gutters and drainage needs, offering licensed and bonded service to satisfied clients for over 30 years. Contact them for quality and customer-friendly assistance.