When it comes to keeping your home in good condition, one of the easiest ways may surprise you: getting your gutters replaced. Upon first glance, new gutters may seem like the least likely upgrade. When compared to new paint, remodeled bathrooms, or a multicolored kitchen backsplash, gutters may seem subtle and nondescript. But therein lies their beauty. Gutters can keep your house’s foundation and structural elements in good condition by keeping them dry, and furthermore, going through with professional gutter replacement can ensure it stays dry for years to come.


Gutters serve a very important purpose. They take rainwater and direct it away from the sides of your house, depositing it in a location where the water can’t do any harm. Without gutters, rainwater would fall off the roof and would “pool” on the ground surrounding your house. This pooling can lead to the majority of problems. It can provide a great place for mosquitos to lay their eggs, which can cause major summer annoyances. The water may also seep into your basement, destroying whatever you keep inside. Worst of all, the water can work its way into the house’s foundation, causing mold and rot to eat away at the elements keeping your house standing.


While gutters are durable and can last for quite a while, new gutters can really add a hefty support to keeping your house dry. Depending on the material, gutters may be able to last up to twenty or thirty years, giving your house added value in addition to added safety. Copper gutters may even be able to last up to fifty years, as long as they’re given the proper care and attention. Normal wear and tear on gutters like warping, clogging, or cracking may be instantly solved by gutter replacement.


For professional gutter replacing, a quality company like A&S Gutter can help you with any gutter services you may need.